Monday, October 9, 2017

Davao Oriental: Mati and Governor Generoso (Tourist Spots, Attractions and Itinerary)

Davao Oriental is quickly becoming one of the most sought after locations to visit and it’s no wonder why. From endless beaches to majestic waterfalls and all the things in between, the only problem you’ll have is figuring out where to start. 

Mati, to begin with, is home to the famous Dahican Beach where surfers flock to for the never –ending waves it produces. Although it may seem like Dahican Beach is the only attraction worthy of being visited in the city of Mati, right before you reach the town you will pass by the Sleeping Dino. 

Mati: Tourist Spots and Attractions

1. The Sleeping Dino Island

 The Sleeping Dino is an island shaped like exactly as it is named. You can stop by at the Sleeping Dino view deck to witness its beauty from afar.You can also observe and experience its real beauty up close by taking a short trek. 

3. I Love Mati Baywalk

Upon reaching the city, you might want to rest before exploring and Baywalk may just be the place to relax – sit on a bench and watch as the waves roll softly.  Baywalk is one of the busiest tourist spots in Mati, perhaps even busier than the infamous Sleeping Dino. With the large “I love Mati” display welcoming guests from different places it’s the perfect place to spend time. Just outside the park are numerous stalls where you can buy food and beverages to be enjoyed inside, as well as souvenirs you can take home for yourself, your loved ones, and your friends.

Governor Generoso: Tourist Spots and Attractions

1. Cape San Agustin

Just a little farther from Mati is Governor Generoso. Although it’s a small town, it’s filled with breathtaking sites for you to visit. One of the most popular spots of GovGen is Cape San Agustin. There sits three lighthouses of which the locals call “Tatlong Maria”. 

Fun fact: you can climb up on two of three light houses giving you an even better view of the Cape where the Celebes Sea and the Davao Gulf meet. However, the lighthouses are only one of the exciting aspects of Cape San Agustin. 

2. Pink Sand Beach

On one side of it is the Pink Sand Beach, so called because the sand has been mixed with particles of red organ pipe corals thus giving off its pink color. 

3. The Altar

As you walk to the far end of the beach, you’ll stumble upon a massive rock.  This particular rock is where the Spanish missionary Saint Francis Xavier first held mass giving it the name “The Altar”.

4. Centennial Old Dau Tree

In another part of Governor Generoso is the Centennial Old Dau Tree which can be found along the highway of Baranggay Magdug. It currently stands at 260 ft - enormous enough for one to walk through - and estimated to be at least 300 years old.  

5. Mt. Hamiguitan World Heritage Park

Also In GovGen is Mt. Hamiguitan World Heritage Park. Inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it boasts of wide areas filled with about 1,380 species of flora and fauna for you to explore. The mountain itself is elevated up to 5,310 feet which is home to the rare Philippine eagles. This is the best place for you to quench your thirst for knowledge and rekindle your love of nature. 


01:00am Travel
07:00am Cape San Agustin, Pink sand beach, The Altar
09:00am Centennial Tree 
12:00nn  Lunch at San Isidro
01:00pm Mt. Hamiguitan Sunctuary
03:30pm SLeeping Dino Island
04:00pm Sleeping dino view deck /I Love Mati Baywalk
05:00pm ETD Mati-Davao
09:00pm Home sweet Home

All this is only a fraction of the wonders of Davao Oriental because there is definitely more for you to explore. So are you ready for your adventure? The wanderluster in you certainly is. 

Work hard, travel harder.

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